Izsák, the land of “Sárfehér” wine and  champagne is located in the middle region of Hungary, at a distance of 110 km from Budapest.

In 2001, the predecessor of our firm, Iminvest Kft. started the production of mini PET bottles here. For this, automatic bottle blowing machines of own design were installed and manufacturing the pre-forms needed for blowing PET bottles was also commenced.

Since 2004 we have been manufacturing low priced tamper evident PE caps as well in order to provide wider scope of services to our Customers.

Currently we produce pre-forms of 7, 9, and 17 gram from top quality raw materials that are equipped with 6 different types of threads. A some of these pre-forms are exported but the majority of them is processed by our bottle blowing machines to produce mini PET bottles.

Volume of our bottles are in the range of 10 – 250 ml, they are available in approximately 50 shapes mainly in clear, brown and white coated colors.

Due to our technology, one of our strengths is that we can serve our Customers with top quality of bottles and caps in a flexible manner from small orders of a few thousand bottles to very large orders requiring the delivery of multi million bottles. 


Preform manufacturing

In our plant, PET bottles are produced by a two-phase technology that enables high level of flexibility.

In the first production phase, pre-forms are manufactured on our injection molding machines and finished PET bottle products are blown from these pre-forms in the second phase of the process.

As hardness of the completed bottles is determined by the weight of the pre-forms used, width of our varied product range and requirements of our customers justify to produce several types of pre-forms; currently pre-forms weighing 7, 9, and 17 gram are produced.

Threads produced

Our pre-forms and as a consequence of this, our bottles are produced with 6 different types of threaded sections:

  • threaded section with a thread of Sk16 type: it is unique in that respect that we offer own manufactured, low priced, tamper evident PE caps to this thread that is suitable for both manual and mechanical closing.

  • threaded section with thread of KS18 type:  it is an M18x3 buttress thread as specified in DIN 6063, it is suitable for, among others, for plastic and metal caps with threads of Size 18 and pump type spray heads of Sizes 18/410 and 18/415.

  • threaded section with thread of PP18 type: a thread specified according to DIN 6094, that is typically used for alcoholic beverages; they are suitable for closing solutions using aluminum caps of Size 18×12.4 and plastic caps of Size 18.

  • threaded section with  a thread of GL18SR type: standard thread for glass, that is suitable for closing with medicine caps of Size 18 with and without tamper evidences and  caps equipped with drop glasses, pipette caps, etc. 

  • threaded section with thread of KS20 type: it is an M19.6×3 buttress thread  manufactured in accordance with the Standard No. DIN 6063; it is used together with our bottles of 17 g. It is offered for pump type spray heads of  Sizes 20/410 and 20/415, pipette caps, and metal caps of Size 20.

  • threaded section with  thread of KS20G type: it is a M19.9×3 buttress thread of a special  shape manufactured in accordance with the Standard No. DIN 6063 developed for our 17 g bottles, it enables protection against tampering with a sleeve foil when using spray heads, pipette caps or caps of Size 20 without temper evidence.

Manufacturing PET bottles

Mini PET bottles are used in a lot of different areas in a number of industries. They are suitable for packaging very popular hard drinks offered in quantities of 40 – 50 ml, flavors, essential oils, paints/colors, inks, small packages of cosmetics used in hotels, medicines, products equipped with spray heads, e.g. suntan-oils, and other cosmetic products.

A favorable feature of a mini PET bottle is that it is aesthetic, unbreakable, low priced, and its weight is only 8-10% of the weight of similar glass bottles used so far.

  • Manufacturing PET bottles to be used for bottling alcoholic beverages
    In our plant PET bottles of 40 and 50 ml are manufactured for a few international and a lot of smaller firms working in the distilling industry. Shapes of a lot of these bottles are protected by trademarks, but also we offer standard shapes to our customers  that are owned by us.
    Bottles are equipped with standard threads of PP18S type, so they can be closed with screw caps or plastic caps having threads of 18 mm. 

  • Manufacturing PET bottles to be used for packaging food industry products.
    We offer bottles of 10-150 ml for packaging flavors, fixings, dietary supplements, liquid sweeteners, etc.
    For the most cost effective closing of the bottles we offer the own manufactured tamper evident cap of Sk16 type, but you find proper neck shapes in our offered supply for caps of Sizes 18 and 20, for pump type spray heads  and drop glasses.

  • Manufacturing PET bottles to be used for packaging medicines or medicinal products
    We offer brown colored bottles of 10-100 ml; in addition to the own manufactured tamper evident cap of Sk16 type, caps with a thread of Size 18 used in the pharmaceutical industry, pipette caps,  pump type spray heads  etc. can be used for closing these bottles.

  • PET Manufacturing PET bottles to be used for packaging chemicals
    We offer bottles of 10-150 ml for packaging air fresheners, colognes, hotel cosmetics, stain removers, and other chemical products.  In addition to the own manufactured tamper evident caps, caps with threads of Size 18 and 20, pump type spray heads  etc. can be  used for closing these bottles.

Environmental awareness

Our firm is committed to the protection of our environment.

Because of this, and because the environmental pollution caused by PET bottles is subject to constant debates, we wish to make it clear that PET is one of the most environmental friendly products.  

During the manufacturing of PET, no environmental pollution occurs and no material gets to the environment at all.

During its processing, neither bottle production, nor any other processing cause any environmental pollution.

100% of PET wastes can be recycled!

At places where recycling has not been solved or has not been fully solved yet, it is an excellent substance for incineration in heat generating plants and when burning it, no pollutant is emitted to the environment.


Our Company used original raw materials exclusively that meet even the strictest domestic and international requirements!

Our products have been tested for leaching in respect of many substances that make it easier and in some cases unnecessary for our Customers to carry out the licensing process that may be required. By this, our Customers can save time and money by purchasing our products.

An ISO 9001:2009 quality management system has been introduced at our firm and concerning a few products, the examinations needed for obtaining licenses related to their use in the pharmaceutical industry are under way.